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New Deformed
Ice Pop Collection

Check out the new collection from LealaFaith, BrianFRG, and Jake_The_Nerdlax

We are a small marketplace dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction!
We host creator merchandise stores and small businesses for your ease and conveience.
Each individual store owner receives all of their profits, even if you order from multiple shops!

Welcome to
Kitsune Square!

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New in the Square

About us

We are an independently owned marketplace, designed to hold several small businesses and merchandise stores! We are dedicated to quality items and 100% customer satisfaction! We host a variety of shops for you to enjoy.

All of our stores' merchandise and products ship from the same office, so you will receive all of your product at the same time in a very timely manner with 3-6 day average shipping times!

Each individual store owner receives every single penny of their profits,
Our method insures that our processing times are short and our shipping is fast and at one rate, even if you want to support multiple creators and stores at a time!

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us!

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